ND&W 3054 Attempts The Worst Track We’ve Seen!

ND&W 3054 Attempts The Worst Track We’ve Seen! | Train Fanatics Videos

This train wobbles but it doesn’t fall down!

The engineer of this ND&W freight train has some real impressive skills when it comes to handling these horrendously under maintained tracks! This Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railway engine, number 3054 was on its way from Defiance, Ohio, en route to Cecil, to pick up a string of boxcars.

Poorly maintained tracks are very dangerous as they are known to cause derailment!

Along its path, crossing the CSX/Wabash Diamond, it encountered these wonderful sets of tracks. You can see in this clip the deformities on the tracks starts off small, along with the overgrowth of plant life, however it rapidly gets worse, as is well seen by the trains wobble intensifying! 

This railroad has seen over 50 years of neglect!

While it does make for a very interesting video, you cant help but feel bad for the engineers who have to venture down these very beaten paths. Hopefully, this railroad can get some real tender loving care, or at least some new rails and ballast!

Have you seen other railroads like this in such states of disrepair? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!



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