Missing Axle! BNSF Freight Derails In Colorado

Missing Axle! BNSF Freight Derails In Colorado | Train Fanatics Videos

A lucky break for one individual and a whole town, as a BNSF train has 17 of its cars come off the track!

An exciting turn of events for a small, sleepy town just outside of Denver, Colorado! Residents of Sedalia, were shocked when they heard the loud banging of 17 empty freight cars coming off the track. Amazingly some of the incident was caught on a nearby security camera!

“We have 40 trains passing through here every 24 hours, We don’t even hear them anymore until something like this.” – Pat Norwood, witness

You can see the driver of a truck franticly begin reversing away from the train, to reveal an errant axle from one of the cars, barreling towards the vehicle.

Narrowly escaping the axels path, it seemed as though the axle had one more target: the local gas station. Barely missing a gas pump, the axel tumbled its way into the stations porch.

“God really loves Sedalia, because there wouldn’t of been a Sedalia if they had hit the pumps”

Luckily no one was harmed in the derailment, or by the axle.

Let us know if you have ever seen an axle find its own path, or a derailment like this. We would love to hear about your experience!

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