Military Honored By Norfolk Southern’s Bold Paint Job

Military  Honored By Norfolk Southern’s Bold Paint Job | Train Fanatics Videos

The unit riding point on this freight is Norfolk Southern’s EDM SD60E with a great patriotic paint scheme!

Norfolk Southern’s number 6920 locomotive is painted RED , WHITE and BLUE to honor all military veterans, especially those who work for the railroad!

This uniquely painted locomotive shown in this clip is leading the pack of 6 other locomotives pulling a mixed freight near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. This was her first revenue run after being given her new coat of paint.

Painting the locomotive involved 26 Norfolk Southern employees and 66 gallons of primer and paint over a 112 hour period!

Norfolk Southern employs some 4200 employees that are veterans or members of the National Guard and Reserves.

Please let us know if you have seen this beautiful locomotive in action. We appreciate your comments!

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