Diesel Truck Pulling Train On The Tracks

Diesel Truck Pulling Train On The Tracks | Train Fanatics Videos

A surprise awaits you as this train comes around the curve!

The locomotive in this case is a Brandt Power Unit (truck) that is specially designed for either rail or highway use. It is used by the Maintenance of Way department along with other specialized vehicles to move equipment and cars when normal locomotives are not feasible.

The Brandt Power Unit can convert from rail to road and back in only 3 minutes!

The truck is capable of highway speeds up to 65 mph and up to 40 mph on the rails. It can also go 25 mph in reverse on the rails. Additionally, she boasts up to 600 hp and has 50,000 lbs tractive effort for heavy loads.

The Maintenance of Way departments of the railroads are responsible for of the maintenance for the tracks as well as keeping brush and other obstacles off of the tracks.

The Maintenance of Way department of the railroads are always on the job!

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