Large Scale ‘Big Boy’ Replica Stuns On Home Made Railroad!

Large Scale ‘Big Boy’ Replica Stuns On Home Made Railroad! | Train Fanatics Videos

In 2013, a very unique property went up for sale in Sherwood, Oregon! The property itself at 19.67 acres would be beautiful enough on its own, but it really does not stop there!

Adorning the property is one of the most amazing and extensive model railways we have ever seen!

With 11,000 feet of 7.5 inch gauge track, a 30 foot tall trestle and a 400 foot long tunnel, this railroad is well equipped, and has an impressive fleet to boot! The property is even equipped with a 30×60 foot steam shop, which is exactly what you need, when the crown engine of your fleet is a Big Boy!

The Big Boy, which is a replica of engine #4005, is stunning in detail, and runs just like its bigger brothers would! This Big Boy is prepared to take on heavy loads, just like the real deal, and is capable of carrying multiple passengers across the estate!

The estate went up for sale at 3.5 million dollars, which we think is more than worth it!

If you had the money to spend, would you buy this railfan paradise? Let us know!

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