Lakeshore Live Steamers Show Rail Fans A Great Time!

Lakeshore Live Steamers Show Rail Fans A Great Time! | Train Fanatics Videos

These families make riding this look so much fun!

The Lake Shore Live Steamers/Glen, Meadow, and Orchard Rail Road, are a rail fanatics club based out of Kirtland, Ohio. Officially organized in 1977 (the GM&O RR  name was not applied until 1984) The Lake Shore Steamers built their first portable track in the early to mid 1970’s.  At about 3/4″ scale and weighing in at about 3000 pounds, it was made divisible into 48 – 10 foot sections for ease of transport.

The Lake Shore Live Steamers is a club devoted to the operation of small gauge steam engines and locomotives

By 1993 the club began to celebrate the GM&O railroad’s tenth anniversary adding 10,000 rides that year alone, brought the grand total of rides to 65,000 since its inception 10 years prior!

Some non-steam locomotive are also present on the GM&O RR

Today the Railroad is still going strong, located at the Penitentiary Glen Reservation in Kirtland, they just celebrated their 25th anniversary on the Penitentiary Glen land, and are still helping thousands of people a year have an amazing time!

Has anyone hear been a passenger on this rail road, or one like it? Please let us know!

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