Konkan Railway Gives Truck Drivers A Birdseye View!

Konkan Railway Gives Truck Drivers A Birdseye View! | Train Fanatics Videos

Roll On And Roll Off keeps the truck drivers in their seats!

Maybe this is what we need to do in the United States?

Called a RORO train (roll on and roll off), the loaded trucks are secured to flat cars (along with their drivers inside) and carried to their destinations.

In what appears to be a unique solution to the geographic challenges in the region, The Konkan Railway conceived the roll on and roll off method of transporting loaded trucks with their drivers from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, to Mangalore in Western India. A journey of approximately 460 miles!

While this seems highly dangerous to us, it saves drivers from the extreme conditions of having to negotiate the dangerous terrain in the region which includes criss-crossing rivers, high mountains, and steep valleys.

Additional savings include:

  • Saving fuel
  • Decongestion of roads
  • Lowering of pollution
  • Lowering driver fatique
  • Let us know what you thing about this idea! We would know what you think!

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