Wilmington & Western #98 Go Pro

Wilmington & Western #98 Go Pro | Train Fanatics Videos

An Amazing GO-PRO catch on the Main Connecting Rod!

Bet you can’t watch the whole thing!

This clip is like nothing you have ever seen! An up close and personal view of the main connecting rod doing its job!

Attaching a Go-Pro camera to the connecting rod creates an exciting, if not dizzying, view of the wheels turning on the 114 year old locomotive.

Filmed on the Wilmington & Western Heritage Railroad in Delaware, this railfan gives us a great underside view of the action of the wheels. The sound is outstanding as you listen to the moving parts all around camera, especially the hiss of the steam coming for the piston and valve chest.

The sound of the whistle can’t be beat!

Some quick facts about Old #98

  • Builder: ALCO American Locomotive Company, Schenectady, New York
  • Wheel arrangement: 4-4-0
  • Build date: January 1909
  • Sale Price in 1909: $11,585 (including shipping!)
  • Let us know you have ever had the opportunity to take a ride on the Wilmington & Western Railroad and have seen this classic locomotive up close.
    We would love to hear about your experience!

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