CC72176 Cold Weather Start

CC72176 Cold Weather Start | Train Fanatics Videos

Engineer works hard at getting this locomotive to turn over!

On a cold morning in Troyes, France, this 3,600 horse power locomotive acts unconvinced that it is time to go to work!

Showing little respect for the environment, this French locomotive is showing signs of a blown turbo whereby the seals become brittle in cold weather. This allows them to crack which allows extra fuel to get compressed and ignited in the combustion chamber.

Over and over you can hear the engine trying to turn in what is a sort of a crazy rhythmic beat!

The CC72176 shown here has the nickname of “Broken Nose”, due to it’s peculiar design.

She is equipped with a V-16 engine that generates 3,600 horse power and was built in 2002 by the Alsthom Company.

Let us know what you think about what you think generates all of the smoke on this cold start! We would love to hear your opinion!

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