Just Can’t Get Enough Of Big Boy

Just Can’t Get Enough Of Big Boy | Train Fanatics Videos

Big Boy #4014 dead heading back to Cheyenne for restoration!

Union Pacific Steam Shops in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is already hard at work restoring this legend back to operating condition!

Rescued from her display in Pomona, California, she was moved to the Union Pacific Steam Shop in Cheyenne back in May of 2014

The Union Pacific Steam Shop has been giving periodic updates as to her restoration progress and has noted that the Union Pacific Challenger #3985 is sitting in storage while the work is being completed on UP Big Boy #4014.

Now there are two Big Boys in Cheyenne. #4014 now under restoration, and #4004 sitting as a display in Holiday Park, also in the town of Cheyenne.

If UP #4014 had a brain, it would be thinking, “There’s no place like home!”

Let us know if you have ever been to Union Pacific Steam Shop in Cheyenne. We would love to hear about your experience!

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