Antique Diesel Engine Starts For First Time In 30 Years

Antique Diesel Engine Starts For First Time In 30 Years | Train Fanatics Videos

No, this is not a locomotive engine, but it is still a diesel engine!

This is a great clip capturing the first start of this antique Enterprise DSG-36 diesel engine in more than 30 years! We just couldn’t resist.

Do you think a diesel locomotive would be this reliable after sitting for 30 years?

Built by Enterprise Engine and Machinery Company, this engine was designated as a stationary engine, as opposed to those built for marine use.

The DSG-36 had 6 cylinders and could generate anywhere from 273-1041 horse power at 250-600 revolutions per minute.

Notice in the video that the dog doesn’t seem too impressed with this accomplishment!

The Enterprise Engine and Machinery Company was born in 1886 out of the gold rush in California by partners James William Haney and A. Anderson in order to supply gold mining machinery, particularly compression cylinder castings for large engines.

Let us know if you like antique engines and can actually make them run!

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