Epic BNSF Horn Duel And Meet!

Epic BNSF Horn Duel And Meet! | Train Fanatics Videos

This is definitely a railfans dream come true!

Both BNSF engines local 101 (#1515) came in to view first horns blaring. Shortly after, local 102 (#8621) not going to leave its compatriots call unchallenged, can only be heard at first but soon comes roaring into view!

As if that wasn’t enough to get a foamer excited, both locomotives had some pretty sweet engines in tow! Local 101 a Burlington Northern GP28p was dragging along 2 ATSF SD40-2’s! Meanwhile local 102, a GE Dash 8 40-B brought a Warbonnet GP60M along with it making for heck of a show!

Has anyone here gotten a chance to witness a duel like this? We’d love to hear from you, let us know if you have!


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