Engineer Uses Chain Saw To Clear The Tracks

Engineer Uses Chain Saw To Clear The Tracks | Train Fanatics Videos

Bad tracks, weeds, and brush, won’t stop this locomotive!

The Napolean, Defiance and Western Railway needs a little help as a result of deferred maintenance!

The engineer is careful not to derail his locomotive while clearing the line in preparation for freight run over the previously unused portion of track. The ND&W is a short line railway that was once part of the Wabash Railroad which was a class 1 railroad that operated in the middle of the United States.

Note: At 1:54 into the clip, the engineer does the unexpected. He stops the locomotive and whips out a chain saw to cut the branch that had grown over the track!

Maybe they ought to make locomotives with weed plows as well as snow plows!

The ND&W is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Pioneer Railcorp, which is currently working with the Ohio Rail Development Commission to rehabilitate old out of service lines in all of Ohio. The ND&W inherited the light 80 lb. rail from the Wabash Railroad along with a lot of deferred maintenance.

Let us know what you think of the engineer’s landscape skills and whether he should carry a weed whacker? We would love to hear your comments!

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