CSX/BNSF Seem To Walk On Water

CSX/BNSF Seem To Walk On Water | Train Fanatics Videos

When are locomotives required switch speed to KNOTS from MPH ???

Now here’s something you don’t see every day!

Flooding just south of the South Massey Station in Bellevue, Iowa, caused a delicate situation for this locomotive conductor.

CPKC 374(CSXT 3444) leads a string of hopper cars moves gingerly over the submerged tracks during this high water event. Hopefully, the track inspection team was there ahead of time making sure the ballast was still in place.

These tracks are located on the newly merged CCanadian Pacific RR (CP) and Kansas City Southern RR (KCS) lines.

Let us know if you have ever seen anything like this! We would love to hear your comments…

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