CSX #8870 Engineer Forced To Make An Emergency Stop

CSX #8870 Engineer Forced To Make An Emergency Stop | Train Fanatics Videos

This must be the first time a locomotive has actually hit a crossing gate and signal!

After a tractor trailer big rig knocked down the crossing signal, this engineer has no time to react. He is forced to make an emergency stop while hauling the C & O # 1309 to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad museum for restoration.

You can see the C & O # 1309 broken into parts on several different cars as the train passes by.

The Chesapeake & Ohio #1309 was one of the last “Mallet” type steam locomotives produced by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for domestic use in the United States. With its compound design, it used steam twice. Once at high pressure to the rear drivers and then again at low pressure for the front set of drivers.

You can see the front set of drivers on a separate rail car in the video. Neither CSX # 8870 or the C & O #1309 were damaged in this incident.

C & O # 1309 Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
  • Class: C & O Class H-6
  • Power type: 2-6-6-2 Compound Mallet Steam Locomotive /li>
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • Build date: 1949
  • Tractive effort: 77.900 lbs
  • Locomotive weight: 217 tons

Let us know if you think the crossing signal could have dragged off of the tracks ahead of time! We would love to hear your comments!

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