Colorful Locomotive Mega Lash Up

Colorful Locomotive Mega Lash Up | Train Fanatics Videos

A rare catch as a “consist” of 20 locomotives put on quite a display!

In a power move from Galveston, Texas, to the Kansas City , these locomotives will be sold and/or rehabbed and purchased for short line or overseas use.

Additionally, this consist includes an interesting assortment of older box cars and one tank car.

Sprinkled in are GP-30 locomotives and some Cf-7 locomotives still painted with their familiar blue and yellow paint schemes!

Some railroad terms:

  1. Consist- a group or formation of locomotives and/or railcars.
  2. DIC-dead in consist- deadheading or having no power turned on.
  3. DIB-delay in block- if you stop or slow to below 10mph, you have to be prepared to stop at the next signal.

Let us know if you have ever seen a grouping of locomotives being transported in a procession such as this! It must be awesome to see!

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