CNR Cisco Bridge Fire

CNR Cisco Bridge Fire | Train Fanatics Videos

Creosote railroad ties and sparks are never a good combination!

The helicopter pilot demonstrates great flying skill to help put out the fire!

It’s hard to know what started this fire. Could have been anything from possible brake dragging to a hot box dropping cinders on the wood. In any event, it proved to be spectacular sight indeed. All we know is creosote soaked wood allows fire to get into cracks in the wood and smolder there while the water just runs off.

The changing wind direction also played tricks with the pilot on his water dropping runs.

Located over the Fraser River near Siska (Cisco), British Columbia, the Canadian National Railroad bridge sits adjacent to the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge.

Amazingly enough, by using pre-assembled sections of track and ties, CNR was able to get the repairs done quickly and the bridge was back in service in only 3 days!

Let us know if you have ever seen anything like this before. We would love to hear about your experience.

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