Bridge Dwellers Get Smoked Out By Norfolk & Western’s J611

Bridge Dwellers Get Smoked Out By Norfolk & Western’s J611 | Train Fanatics Videos

Norfolk and Western’s newly restored J611 is being put through her paces!

Railfan’s get up close and personal with the J611 as she passes underneath their bridge in Roanoke, Virginia while on a two day excursion.

Smoke and steam belches out of stack as she passes under the over pass with folks trying to get a closer look.

This clip includes home rails for the J611 passing through Lynchburg, Virginia as well as pulling her 20 car load up the steep Christiansburg Mountain grade and Blue Ridge grades.

In what sounds like heavy lifting, you can hear her strain as she flexes her muscles at maximum steam pressure. A powerful machine, the J 611 boiler is rated at 300 psi. and could pull 15 cars at 110 miles per hour!

With a weight of 494,000 lbs., her 27×32 inch cylinders turn her 70 inch driver wheels, she handles these grades, no problem!

Originally built for $251,000 in 1950 by N & W employees, her complete restoration costs ran upwards of $3,500,000 when finished.

Some quick facts about Norfolk and Western’s J-Class #611

  • Manufacturer: Norfolk and Western Roanoake Shops
  • build date: 1950
  • Wheel alignment: 4-8-4
  • Drivers: 70 inches
  • Locomotive and tender weight combined: 872,600 lbs
  • Maximum speed: 110 MPH

Let us know if you have ever seen this magnificent machine rolling down the tracks. We would love to hear your comments!

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