BNSF Freight Takes On Flooded Track

BNSF Freight Takes  On Flooded Track | Train Fanatics Videos

Good ballast and a little luck save the day!

Located near Messex, Colorado, this BNSF freight almost got more than it bargained for trying to negotiate the running waters on both sides of the track.

Not much help would have been available locally if the trains had gotten stuck, however, since the town of Messex is a virtual ghost town in Washington County, Colorado. Located northeast of Denver along Hwy 76, the flat plains provided little runoff for the storms that roll across this area from time to time.

Ballast and proper track maintenance make this journey possible for the BNSF engineer.

Still, there is always the unknown underneath the water!

Filmed from above from a news station helicopter, the clip is mostly silent but is still captivating none the less.

Let us know if you think this freight is pulling over 100 cars! We would love to know what you think!

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