Slovakia’s ZSR#475.196 Barrels Through Beautiful Countryside

Slovakia’s ZSR#475.196 Barrels Through Beautiful Countryside | Train Fanatics Videos

Nicknamed “Noblewoman”, this locomotive is still showing us how it’s done!

Filmed in some of the most beautiful terrain in Europe, this survivor from the post World War II era puts on quite show as it roars through the countryside of Slovakia.

Built in 1950, ZSR#475.196 was once part of 60 ZSR class 4-8-2 Mountain type locomotives built by the Skoda Works. Her current home is in Vrutiky, part of the Slovak Republic.

Her main purpose was for express passenger service and had top speeds of around 60 miles per hour.

Note: at 1:52 you can see the crew inside the cab as well as hear and see the wheel slippage as she goes over some tall arched bridges!

Some of the moving parts to this locomotive that you see getting a workout are:

  • side rods and coupling rods
  • Valve gear/motion linkages
  • Main rod and connecting rods
  • Piston rod and pistons

Let us know if you have seen magnificent machine in action! We would love to hear from you!

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