Big Boy #4014 Cab View

Big Boy #4014 Cab View | Train Fanatics Videos

Ed Dickens and UP #4014 descend the Cajon Pass.

While moving along side of the I-15 freeway, UP #4014 carefully starts her descent on the 2.2-3% grade in the Cajon Pass in Southern California.

Cameraman filming the cab action has to consider himself the luckiest man in the world!

The magnificent scenery in the Cajon Pass is the result of the San Andreas Earthquake fault where the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains meet. Thousand of years of geologic movement has uplifted and moved the land to create the rock formations.

Union Pacific Big Boys stats:

  • Operated from 1941-59
  • Bearing full load weighed a total of 1.2 million pounds
  • Only 25 ever made
  • 4-8-8-4 configuration
  • Top speed of 80 Mph

Let us know if you have had the opportunity to view Big Boy up close. We would love to hear about your experience!

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