Low Bridge Problems For This Engineer

Low Bridge Problems For This Engineer | Train Fanatics Videos

Bridge opens top of AutoRack cars like a can opener!

Somewhere along the line, someone misjudged the bridge height when scheduling this consist. It is amazing the engineer did not feel the the commotion going on as it looks like he backed up and then continued forward again.

High and wide AutoRack cars measure around 20 feet high and 145 feet long. For this reason, they are a articulated set of two cars separated by a special cushion and supported on a single axle set.

Automobile racks come in four types for hauling vehicles:

    Automax – Trucks, SUVs, Nini-Vans, Automobiles – load factor 18-26 for each car
    Bi-Level – Trucks, SUVs, Mini-Vans – load factor – 8-10
    Tri-level – Automobiles – load factor 14-15
    Uni-Level – Large Vehicles, Vans, Tractor Trailers- load factor – 2-4

At some point, the damage will be assessed and the to both the bridge, railcars, and the automobiles. Look forward to a big discount on convertibles at your local car dealership in the near future…

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