Italian Tunnel Smoke Out

Italian Tunnel Smoke Out | Train Fanatics Videos

2-8-0 Italian FS Class 740 holds up traffic!

Located in scenic northwestern area of Italy near Acqui Terme railway station, the classic 2-8-0 Italian steam locomotive is seen blasting out the tunnel with tons of smoke following. The smoke is so thick that the stopped traffic has to wait for quite a while for it to clear.

Steam excursions in Italy are rare, very expensive, and are hard to book.

Over 740 of the FS (Italian State Railways) Class were built between 1911 to 1923. They were used for passenger as well as freight service.

Some Quick Facts about the FS Class 740

  • Rail Line: Italian State Railways
  • Locomotive: FS Class 740
  • Fuel type: Coal
  • Year Built: 1911-1923
  • Wheel Configuration:2-8-0
  • Weight: 66.5 tons
  • Maximum speed: 40 mph

Let us know if you have ever had the opportunity ride the Italian State Railroad first hand. We would love to hear from you!

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