Slow Going On Bad Tracks

Slow Going On Bad Tracks | Train Fanatics Videos

All you need is a weed whacker, bad tracks and a machete!

The Wabash Central CNUR #7 slowly works it way over what was the former Maumee and Western Railroad.

On its way to the silo the crew performs what is called a “Running Drop” maneuver whereby they switch the grain car from the rear of the locomotive to the front. Using the locomotive power and gravity, they uncouple the car with the points aligned with the siding and quickly move the engine forward. Once the engine is free of the mainline they quickly switch back again to the main line and let the grain car roll on by.

A “Dutch Drop” is even more risky. The engine involving a running drop but using a reverse siding into a trailing point switch to get clear of the car.

Let us know if you have seen any crews pull off one of these maneuvers. We would love to hear about your experience!

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