18 Wheeler Almost Clears The Tracks

18 Wheeler Almost Clears The Tracks | Train Fanatics Videos

When you cross a train the train will cross you!

We all know the story by now, where ever there is a railroad crossing, there is some daredevil who thinks he or she can beat the train! Some rail crossings of course are much worse than others, as all crossings are not created equal. But when you get down to the nitty gritty it is almost never the crossings fault and usually the drivers.

“The impact is so strong that cars are literally stacked on top of one another!”

Take this rail crossing just outside of Chicago, Illinois, built right on the corner of an intersection, cars constantly line up over the crossing! While a driver might try and blame the design of the crossing, we know what the real issue at hand is: Impatience. If drivers would just acknowledge that there is no more room for them, and wait safely behind the crossing, it would be a non-issue.

“In all 8 cars are damaged, but thankfully, no one is seriously hurt!”

Unfortunately this was not the case for the 18 wheeler in this clip, whose driver thought he could win against the train and clear the intersection in time. Some lessons however must learned the hard way, and require a 118 car freight train to slam into you, for you to truly understand the gravity of the issue!

How many times have you seen someone try to beat the train at your local crossing? Too many to count? Let us know!

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