145 Ton Ka942 Steam Locomotive

145 Ton Ka942 Steam Locomotive | Train Fanatics Videos

The camera catches the Ka942 coming directly towards you in a stunning shot of fierce smoke bellowing out of stack!

Churning along the Midland line in South New Zealand, the Ka942 is seen pulling an excursion train at full speed through some spectacular scenery.

Originating in Christchurch, she goes to Greymount and back. The clip includes shots from high vantage points, track side, and helicopters!

Note: At 5:04 into the clip, you can see her transverse a steel girder bridge with the engine sounds echoing in the mountains!

Mainline Steam Heritage Trust runs this locomotive as well as others and in charged with restoration and operation of historic New Zealand Railways mainline locomotives. The Mainline Steam Heritage Trust has another excursion planned for October 25, 2015 from Plummerton to Pahiatua with views of the Kapiti coast.

Some quick facts about Ka942:

  • built at Hutt Workshops
  • locomotive weight: 145 tons
  • tractive effort: 30,815 lbf
  • entered service in 1940
  • wheel arrangement K 4-8-4
  • currently housed at the Wellington Mainline Steam Depot in Plimmerton

Let us know if you have ever had a chance to take one of these excursions behind this great locomotive! We would love to hear about your experience!

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