FP9’s Plowing Snow

FP9’s Plowing Snow | Train Fanatics Videos

Snowdrifts prove no match for these 1950’s era units!

While plowing snow on the Ontario Southland subdivision, the guys sitting in the top of plow can hardly manage to keep their seats!

As they say, a real “E-ticket ride” for those of you old enough to remember what that stands for.

Spreaders come in various forms of manned and unmanned wedges and sleds. This is an example of a manned spreader being pushed by 2 diesel F units.

These types of sleds have been known to derail occasionally which creates a hazard for the crew.

Never the less, put us on top in that cabin and we will never want for anything else.

Some of tasks performed by the sled are:

  • Plows and spreads snow or ballast
  • Cuts ice from tracks
  • Front plow clears in “V” formation or as a straight plow to the left or the right
  • Usually with of heavy construction with low center of gravity

Most spreaders and sleds are pushed by one or multiple locomotives to achieve high traction and speed for max plowing effectiveness.

Let us know if you have seen snow spreaders in action! We would to hear about your experience!

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