Steam Tractor With 2 Horse Power

Steam Tractor With 2 Horse Power | Train Fanatics Videos

Close your eyes and listen! You wouldn’t know this is a tractor!

The 110 Case Steam Engine was one the largest such steam tractors that was in use back in the 1920’s. Known as a “road tractor” for its pulling power, it could handle pulling up to 30 or more plough bottoms at one time. Seen here in action, it clearly can handle this field.

Originally called a tractor drive engine, that term was shortened to Tractor later on. While the 110 Case Steam Engine had 150 horse power, it was slowly phased out of use in the late 1920’s in exchange for the lighter weight internal combustion engines using kerosene, petrol or distillate.

Seen here at the New Rockford North Dakota steam threshers show, it is only fitting that at the end of the clip you see the two horses and plough following up the rear!

Let us know if you have ever been to any tractor show that has these antiques on display! We would love to hear about your experience!

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