Model Train Sushi Bar

Model Train Sushi Bar | Train Fanatics Videos

Sushi has become a world wide phenomenon, from its humble roots as a daly food staple in Japan, it is now near impossible to enter a metropolitan area and not find a sushi bar! Rarely do railfans and model train enthusiasts get to combine their love for food with their love for all things locomotives, but today we can show you an exception to that rule!

You can see other model engines in the background behind the counter!

If you ever find yourself in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, make sure to do yourself a favor and visit Bar Sushi. Taking the Sushi go round concept (Sushi delivered by conveyor belt) and turning it on its head, this quaint little sushi bar delivers its plates to its customers via model railway! 

The track wraps completely around the bar so staff crosses under the train!

One of the only times you’ll see a Southern Pacific train in Australia, this little engine strings about a multitude of freight cars, all carrying different selections of the seafood delicacy! The train travels the bar as the employees load it up and send it on its way.

We believe this could revolutionize the food service industry and should be extended to all different types of restaurants!

Have any of you seen any other creative uses of model railroads and their trains? Let us know if you have, we’d love to hear about them!

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