The Historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad

The Historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad | Train Fanatics Videos

The Virginia & Truckee Railroad was part of the largest gold and silver rush in Nevada’s history.

First built in 1869 to haul freight and ore from Virginia City to Carson City, its main goal was to haul the massive amounts ore being mined from the famous Comstock Lode Silver mines.

The current Virginia & Truckee Railroad excursion is a 24 mile round trip from Carson City to Virginia City.

For around 50 bucks you can see some of the most spectacular scenery the old west has to offer.

The “Robert C Cray” #29, is a 1916 Baldwin built loco with a 2-8-0 wheel arrangement.

Let us know if you have ever taken this excursion back in time! We would love to hear about your experience!

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