Speeding Amtrak Train Disappears In A Cloud Of Snow!

Speeding Amtrak Train Disappears In A Cloud Of Snow! | Train Fanatics Videos

You just can’t beat watching a speeding train hit a snowbank!

It makes you wonder what the engineers think when they cannot see the tracks in front of them!

Plowed roads and crossings make for fun railfanning in winter! We can’t wait for more train vs snow action this year. Shot in Windsor, Connecticut, these two trains are on time as they plow their way through the stations at breakneck speed!

The first train is at the Macktown Road crossing and second train is at Central Street in downtown Windsor.

Plowed roads generally mean the the snow has been thrown back onto the tracks which gets the engineers attention. We would love to see a camera in the cab from the engineers point of view showing no track in front, just white fluffy snow.

It must be a thrilling experience!

The Amtrak trains in this area generally go anywhere from 70 to as high 150 mph!

Let us know if you love trains in snow and know of a great spot you would like to share to capture the action with a camera! We would love to hear from you!

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