Santa Fe Super Chief Visits Neighbor

Santa Fe Super Chief Visits Neighbor | Train Fanatics Videos

G – scale train set up to run between two houses!

Locomotive Santa Fe #202 Super Chief is all dressed up in her War Bonnet colors to pay a visit to the next door neighbors!

This G-scale layout is part of an
extensive collection which starts in a bedroom and makes its way around the house, into the yard, neighbors garage and back again. At $25 dollars per four foot track section, it makes for quite an investment of money just for the track itself, not to mention the LGB brand locomotive and cars. The layout is powered by a DCC power supply and can be controlled from a tablet.

The G scale (gauge) of these model railroad tracks:

  1. Gauge One scaled at 1:32 to model standard gauge trains in real life at 4 ft 8 1/2 inches
  2. G Scale / G Gauge 45mm (1.772 inches)
  3. H Scale at 1:24 used to model narrow gauge railroads at 3 ft 6 inches.
  4. If you have or are a G-scale rail enthusiast, please let us know your comments!

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