Rare Triple Side-By-Side Smoke And Steam

Rare Triple Side-By-Side Smoke And Steam | Train Fanatics Videos

The Australian Stream Festival featured this rare event when they had the British “Flying Scotsman 4472” paired up with their very own Victorian Railways R Class R761 and R707!

Like thoroughbred horse coming out of the gate, these massive locomotive showed they could still bring it when this was filmed.

The “Flying Scotsman” (a 4-6-2) was shipped in for this special occasion from Britain and set a record for a steam engine in 1989 of traveling 422 miles non-stop from Parkes to Broken Hill!

The two Victorian Railways R Class locomotives (4-6-4’s) (R761 and R707) were built by the North British Locomotive Company of Glasgow and were part of a 70 locomotive order.

Quick Facts

  • Australian Steam Festival: Maitland, Australia
  • Train Names: The Flying Scotsman 4472 and the Victorian Railways R761 and R8707
  • Power type: The Flying Scotsman 4-6-2 and Victorian Railways 4-6-4’s
  • Builder: The Flying Scotsman (Doncaster railway works) and Victorian Railway R Class (North British Locomotive Company)
  • Max Speed: The Flying Scotsman 100 mph, Victorian Railway R Class 80 mph

If you’ve ever been to the Australian Steam Festival, let us know in the comments below! Would love to hear your experience. The 2015 festival is scheduled for April 18 and 19, in Maitland, Australia.

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