Railfan Backyard Railroad Signs

Railfan  Backyard Railroad Signs | Train Fanatics Videos

Sometimes, you can bring your passion home with you!

Some folks have garden trains and some have model trains, but this railfan has a new take on what railroads mean to him!

Adorned in his backyard is every kind of crossing light, sign post and signal he could find!

Some of the signs can fetch upwards of $3000 each depending on the condition they are in. This collector has taken this hobby seriously and has what appears to be a sizable investment of time and material in his back yard.

See if you can identify the various kinds of lights and signs!

  • the 3 position electrified semaphore!
  • the dwarf stacked search light signal
  • the triangular color light (“Tri-Light”)
  • the color light signal
  • the dwarf color position light (CPL)
  • the “wigwag” crossing signal

Let us know you have anything like this in your back yard and what you think! We value your comments!

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