PREX #1606 Chases Cat Out Of The Brush!

PREX #1606 Chases Cat Out Of The Brush! | Train Fanatics Videos

The Maumee Western Railroad never ceases to entertain!

As the engine makes its way down the overgrown tracks, a unsuspecting cat had made his way into the path of the train! Suddenly, the engineer lets on the horn, terrifying the cat as it dashes off.

This classic short line railroad runs through some very poorly maintained track in Ohio. Once part of the Maumee and Western railroad, some of the tracks run over swamp areas which create some very interesting viewing.

The Napoleon, Definance & Western Railroad was established by the Pioneer Railcorp (PREX) as a part of their Michigan Southern Subsidiary.

Some quick facts about the GP16 locomotive

  • Builder: General Motors Electo-Motive Division
  • Model: GP16
  • Build dates: 1979 to 1982
  • Locomotive weight: 258,000 lbs
  • horse power: 1,600
  • Max speed: 65 mph

Let us know if you have ever seen any trains on this short line railroad! It must be amazing to watch the trains mow down the weeds!