Pacing Canadian Pacific’s #2816

Pacing Canadian Pacific’s  #2816 | Train Fanatics Videos

The CP #2816 is a 78 year old 4-6-4 locomotive that has been lovingly restored to her original condition by the Canadian Pacific Railway to celebrate its heritage.

The CP 2816 Empress is the only survivor of a group of “Hudson” type locomotives built in the 1930’s by the Montreal Locomotive Works. The “Hudson” type locomotives were named after the Hudson River and was built as a high-powered, fast passenger locomotive. Her route included the distance between Winnipeg and Calgary. She had 4,700 horsepower and regularly operated at 70 miles per hour!

After being retired in 1964, she sat on display in Ohio until the Canadian Pacific bought her back in 1998 and rebuilt her top to bottom. The restoration took over 2 years and cost upwards of $2,000,000. Her original cost to build was $120,000 back in 1930.

Let us know if you have ever seen of have taken an excursion behind this fantastic locomotive. Would love to hear your experience!

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