NKP #765 In Letchworth Park

NKP #765 In Letchworth Park | Train Fanatics Videos

NKP #765 takes it easy climbing the grade over steel and iron bridge!

While pulling an excursion through historic Letchworth Park in New York, NKP #765 takes it slow approaching bridge over the Portage Viaduct.

The original bridge over the viaduct was built as far back as 1851 over the upper falls and was 820 feet long and 240 high. It was, at the time, the tallest wood bridge in the world until it was destroyed by a massive fire in 1875.

A iron and steel replacement bridge was built soon after by the Erie Railroad Company.

Called one of the “Super-power” locomotives, NKP #765 provided fast freight and passenger service on the Nickel Plate Railroad which stretched from Chicago, Illinois, to Buffalo, New York.

Quick Facts

  • Power type: 2-8-4 Steam Locomotive Berkshire Class
  • Builder: Lima Locomotive Works
  • Build Date: 1944
  • Drivers: 69 inch
  • Locomotive and tender weight: 802,500 lbs

If you’ve ever taken a ride on the Nickel Plate Road #765 or a train like this let us know in the comments below! Would love to hear your experience on this classic piece of history!

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