Network Rail in UK Makes Short Work Of Lowering Track

Network Rail in UK Makes Short Work Of Lowering Track | Train Fanatics Videos

Stunning Hi Speed video shows how it’s done!

In an effort to preserve the Dundas Aqueduct, which serves as a canal transportation thruway, Network Rail employed an army of maintenance of way workers to lower the track underneath the canal.

The object of this exercise was to lower the track to act as a diversionary route for freight trains which were too tall on the rails to pass underneath the aqueduct arches.

The whole project on this section of the line took 6 days, working day and night.

The original Dundas Aqueduct was built between 1795 and finished in 1810. She has a total length of 450 feet and again was rebuilt in 1984

Network Rail of the UK showed amazing skill at completing the job and showing all of us the step necessary to dig out the old roadbed while applying new ballast and rails!

Let us know if you work for Network Rail or were a part of this team. We would love to hear about your experience!

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