Bachmann G-Scale K-27 #463 “Mudhen”

Bachmann G-Scale K-27 #463 “Mudhen” | Train Fanatics Videos

The premier German model train company Bachmann spared no attention do detail on this beauty!

This 1:20.3 scale locomotive is perfect for backyard tight curves as tight as 8 feet! Running on 45 mm gauge track, it can handle a lot of different terrain with it’s custom built Pittman electric motor.

It has a double shafted machined flywheel and numerous die-cast parts including valve gear, side rods, and counter weights.

The price range for this beauty is around $800 and comes in weighing a whopping 36 pounds!

She measure 38 inches long including the tender.

This locomotive is representative of the early Denver & Rio Grande Railroad when they ordered 15 of these 2-8-2 narrow gauge locomotives back in 1903. The were eventually nicknamed “mudhens” by their crews due to way they sort of waddled down the track while moving along.

Let us know if you are a backyard train enthusiast! We would love to hear about your layout!

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