Model Big Boy Takes On Massive Haul

Model Big Boy Takes On Massive Haul | Train Fanatics Videos

One of, if not the longest G Scale model trains you will find online!

Watch as a single model Big Boy locomotive lives up to its real world counterpart, and pulls this 152 car train, proving once more the Big Boy is the right engine for the job!

It takes 6 model Dash 9’s to achieve the same pull!

Each car had its plastic wheels and axels changed out to metal rolling bearing wheels and axels, in order to increase the realism of this model set. This nearly doubled the weight of each car, bringing the weight of the overall haul to 406 pounds!

The scale length of this train is roughly 1.25 miles!

Are you a model train enthusiast? What do you think, have you seen a more impressive haul? Let us know!

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