Love Garden Railways?

Love Garden Railways? | Train Fanatics Videos

You get to ride along full circle on this great Hi Definition train ride!

Called the Worsley Dale Garden Railway 00 Gauge Garden Railway, you get a cab view of the whole layout as the train makes its way around the terrain.

Although not complete visually, you get enough of an idea of the time, labor and materials that went into this magnificent layout!

Today’s camera technology allows us to seemingly get small and climb aboard this small scale models just as if we were ridding as normal!

Garden Railways are massively popular, but required space and a lot of work and expense. This is why we admire them so much.

While the G Scale is the most popular in the United States, the prefer the 16mm scale whereby the OO describes models with a scale of 4 mm = 1 foot (1:76) running on HO scale 1:87 (3.5 mm = 1 foot) track (16.5 mm/0.650″).

Let us know if you are a big Garden Railways fan and if you have your own layout. We would to have you share your experience!

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