Lego Train Lives The Dream On A Real Railway!

Lego Train Lives The Dream On A Real Railway! | Train Fanatics Videos

This automated Lego train had high hopes, that one day, he’d get to ride on the real rails like his big cousins do.

The Lego train doesn’t go very fast, but it is determined!

Dutch Youtube content creator and lego/rail enthusiast Bananenbuurman made sure the little guy would get his day in the limelight! Filmed on a track that was not in use, the Lego engine that could made his debut without the fear of an accident occurring with one of his actual sized train-kin!

The modifications had to be very precise to make sure the bricks would not fall apart on the rail!

Bananenbuurman modified the brick engine, using other lego blocks and pieces, allowing the tiny train to stay safely on the rail, avoiding the possibility of derailment!

I think it is safe to say, this is the happiest little train in all the Netherlands!

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