J 611 Wheel Slippin’

J 611 Wheel Slippin’ | Train Fanatics Videos

Norfolk & Western’s J-611 “Queen of Steam”!

J-611 put on a show for all to see at the Old Fort, North Carolina.

After a few attempts, the wheels finally take hold and J 611 is off and running.

Polished and shaped like a black bullet with maroon stripes, she is clearly one of the best surviving passenger “streamliners”.

A powerful machine, the J 611 boiler is rated at 300 psi. and could pull 15 cars at 110 miles per hour!

Some quick facts about Norfolk and Western’s J-Class #611

  • Manufacturer: Norfolk and Western Roanoake Shops
  • build date: 1950
  • Wheel alignment: 4-8-4
  • Drivers: 70 inches
  • Locomotive and tender weight combined: 872,600 lbs
  • Maximum speed: 110 MPH

Let us know if you have ever seen this magnificent machine rolling down the tracks. We would love to hear your comments!

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