Intermodal Freights Battle It Out On A Curve

Intermodal Freights Battle It Out On A Curve | Train Fanatics Videos

Horns are blaring as these two monster freights come reeling around the bend right at a crossing!

Rare footage of two Norfolk Southern intermodal freights lined up next to each other moving at a good clip!

You know the engineers were having a good time trying to out run each other!

Each one of these freights was about 1.5 miles long and had two and three locomotives for power.

Track one had two GE C40-9W’s (know as dash 9’s) and track two had two GE C40-9W’s PLUS a UP EMD SD70A !

3 facts about these locomotives!

  1. All five are rated at 4000 plus horsepower for a total of 20,000 horsepower combined!
  2. NS GE C40-9W locomotives were built by G E transportation systems one UP EMD SD70Ace locomotive built by Electo-Motive Diesels
  3. Combined weight of NS C-40’s 4 at 340,000 lbs each for 1,360.000 lbs and one EMD SD70 at 420,000 lbs. Total rolling weight 1,780,000 Lbs!

Please let us know if you seen anything like this whereby two trains or more have raced together!

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