Huffi’n And Puff’n With NKP 765

Huffi’n And Puff’n With NKP 765 | Train Fanatics Videos

Outside look from the cab is fantastic!

You can hear this classic locomotive start to labor as she starts taking on the famous horseshoe curve in Pennsylvania!

The Nickel Plate 765 is one of the most popular and loved engines today.

See how many spectators are lined up at the side of tracks as NKP765 takes on the curve!

The Horseshoe Curve is one of the great railfan spots in the United States and is a National Historical Landmarks. The curve was completed back in 1854 and boasted a 1.45% incline at the time. Norfolk Southern now lists the grade at 1.34%.

The curve itself is 2375 feet long with a diameter of 1300 feet. This equates to a 220 degree bend in the track!

Quick Facts

  • Power type: 2-8-4 Steam Locomotive Berkshire Class
  • Builder: Lima Locomotive Works
  • Build Date: 1944
  • Drivers: 69 inch
  • Locomotive and tender weight: 802,500 lbs

If you’ve ever taken a ride on the Nickel Plate Road #765 or a train like this let us know in the comments below! Would love to hear your experience on this classic piece of history!

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