High Speed Amtrak’s Blast Snow At Night

High Speed Amtrak’s Blast Snow At Night | Train Fanatics Videos

Canton Junction in provides the lighting for this drama on a snowy night!

This railfan managed to capture some really exciting video of these two commuter trains passing each other in high speed at night!

The Canton Station is part of the MBTA Commuter Rail Providence/Stoughton line west of downtown Canton, Massachusetts. The station itself was opened with the Boston and Providence Railroad in 1835.

The two Amtrak regional trains were barreling in opposite directions when the snow explodes around them as they pass each other. The first train is led by a Bombardier HHP-8 which is a twin-cab electric locomotive. Passing in the opposite direction is a EMD AEM-7 which is also a twin cab electric locomotive.

Imagine standing just in back of the yellow line (if you could find it) when these two trains pass.

Would you be covered head to toe in snow?

Both locomotives share the similar statistics

  • both weigh around 100 tons
  • both have maximum speeds of 125 – 135 MPH
  • both are electric locomotives designed for high speed commuter service

Let us know if you have ever been a commuter on a train like this in the snow! We would love to hear about your experience!

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