Great Western’s #90 Decapod

Great Western’s #90 Decapod | Train Fanatics Videos

Baldwin Locomotive #90 was originally built for Colorado’s Great Western Railroad and could haul 40 to 50 cars loaded with beets!

At the end of her career with the Great Western Railroad in Colorado, she was eventually purchased by the Strasburg Railroad in 1967.

The Strasburg Rail Road dates back to 1837, when it was completed, and was a horse drawn railroad until they purchased their first Norris-built/strong> 4-2-0 steam locomotive in 1851.

Quick facts about the Great Western #90

  1. Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works – 1924
  2. Locomotive weight: 212,000 lbs.
  3. Boiler pressure: 200psi
  4. tractive effort: 48,960 lbf
  5. maximum speed: 50 mph
  6. configuration: 2-10-0 wheel arrangement – Decapod type

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