Greasing UP #4014 Big Boy

Greasing UP #4014 Big Boy | Train Fanatics Videos

How much and how often do driving rods need to be greased?

While paused on her shakedown run prior to her Golden Spike ceremonial run to Ogden, Utah, Big Boy #4014 takes on grease to make sure her driving rods are well lubricated.

The UP steam shop crew makes the whole procedure look Old Hat like they have been doing this for years. And they probably have! Let’s not forget they have been maintaining UP 844 all along.

There were 25 Union Pacific “Big Boys” built overall beginning in 1941 for the specific purpose of hauling long freight trains over the prairies of southern Wyoming during World War II. Union Pacific wanted one locomotive with enough horse power so that they did not have to double or triple head with other steam locomotives to get the job done.

Let us know if you have had the chance to see this beast in person! We would love to hear about you experience!

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