CSX Freight Train From Above

CSX Freight Train  From Above | Train Fanatics Videos

Drones are changing the way railfans film locomotives!

You can see an aerial view of this CSX freight passing over double diamonds!

This is a terrific action video from a birds eye view of the this CSX Q507 freight passing through Deshler, Ohio.

More and more railfans are taking advantage of this new technology!

While the jury is still out whether or not they give the true experience of being next to a moving train, they give us a fascinating perspective of the trains that really was not available until now. We all look forward to more of these kind of videos!

What makes this one so unique is the variation of close up ground shots as well as aerial ones! This one is really well done in our opinion!

Filmed in the Garrett and Willard Subdivisions, at Deshler, Ohio, the photographer seems to catch the train at twilight which gives the colors a really vivid look.

Close up shots at trackside are followed up by transitions to aerial views that makes everything look like a really detailed model train layout!

Let us know if you are a drone railfan and if you think that drones are a great way to film trains! We value your opinion!

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