Eight Locomotives Pull Freight On The Tehachapi Loop

Eight Locomotives Pull Freight On The Tehachapi Loop | Train Fanatics Videos

Considered a California Historical Landmark, the Tehachapi Loop draws rail fans from all over the world!

Built by the Southern Pacific Railroad between 1874-1876, the “spiral” tracks are now owned by Union Pacific Railroad. The grade itself connects San Joaquin Valley to the Mojave Desert and the town of Mojave on the way to Los Angeles.

Trains of 4000 feet in length or longer pass under and over themselves as they go through the loop!

Some quick facts about the Tehachapi Loop:

  • Length is about three quarters of a mile long!
  • The grade is 2% rising 2 feet for every 100 feet of track – very steep by train standards!
  • Average of 40 trains per day make their way through the loop.
  • Makes its way through the Tehachapi Pass in the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County, California.

Let us know if you have ever had the chance to see the Tehachapi Loop in person and what you thought. We would love to hear about your experience!

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